Treatments available at City dental clinic Dwarka

Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is done for restoring natural color of teeth by removing the stains. Next step is bleaching the teeth. This requires 3 to 6 sitting at our clinic. At city dental clinic we do not use laser as laser provides temporary teeth whitening boost which lasts only for a few days, moreover improper use of laser is dangerous for skin and eyes.

Reliable Root canal treatment

Root canal is a dental restoration technique in which tooth pulp (containing nerve and tissue) is removed from canal of tooth. After removing pulp root canals, Filling is made to cover hollow tooth canal.

A cap may also be required. We ensure that root canal treatment is painless and last for years. We give a guarantee of 10 years on root canal treatment done at our dental clinic in Delhi. There may be some after effects of RCT, read more about side effect root canal Treatment.

Painless Extraction of tooth

Tooth extraction is required when tooth is damaged too much and it is impossible to restore. Sometime extraction is better than Root canal treatment even if it is possible to restore tooth using root canal treatment.

All type of Dentures

At city dental clinic we provide 3 types of dentures. You can choose which is more suitable and affordable for you.

Partial Dentures and RPD

Partial denture is low cost solution for one or a few consecutive tooth loss. It is made of same material as used in dentures. Implant supported dentures are also available at city Dental clinic Dwarka. Implant supported dentures can be all on four implants or all on six implants. In some cases bone grafting is required before dental Implant.

Dental Braces

Braces are required in correcting tooth orientation. It is a orthodontics treatment in which tooth are in required direction using a wire. The wire is put around affected teeth in such a way that it slightly pushes all problematic teeth in required direction.

This treatment is more complicated than it seems from its description. Braces are required to be put for 6 month to 24 month depending upon the nature of problem. Orthodontics treatment can be started when affected tooth are permanent. 12 yrs is recommended age for braces. Braces are recommended at young age because chances of failure are minimum at this age.

Invisible Dental Braces

This is done using the tooth colored wires. The wire is not much noticeable and hence it is commercially called invisible braces. Invisible braces cost more than normal braces. This orthodontics treatment can be done for both kids and adults.

Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth becomes sensitive when inner layer of tooth containing nerves become exposed. If sensitivity is persistent then it must be treated by applying sealant or tooth cement on exposed area. Sometimes other treatments may also be required to treat this problem.

Tooth Pain

There are many reasons for tooth pain. A dentist visit is a must to determine the cause of tooth pain. Tooth pain should never be ignored as it may result in single or multiple teeth loss.

Bleeding Gum

Bleeding gum generally occurs because of infection in tooth or gum. If the bleeding gum problem is persistent or recurring then a dentist must be visited.

Our Dentists in Dwarka clinic

Dr Uman dentist at city dental Dwarka

Dr. Uman Rathi BDS, Implantologist. Dr. Uman Rathi is a perfectionist dental surgeon and handles all cases with equal passion. She has experience of more than 100 Dental Implants.

Harsimran, Dentist in Dwarka

Dr Harsimran Kaur, BDS Dentist. Is someone afraid of a dentist? Dr. Harsimran can handle dentophobia very well. Your fear of dentist will go away forever.


The city dental clinic is located in Dwarka sector 7 between Ramphal chowk and Shisha Bharti School. Click here to see city dental clinic location on map.

City dental clinic Dwarka

City dental clinic Dwarka