bleeding gum treatment


Treatment for bleeding gum

bleeding gum treatmentBleeding gums is condition in which blood leaks from the gums and spaces between the teeth. This may be due to an periodontics gum infection or other oral health issue which may be detrimental to your general health.

Causes of bleeding gums

  • Main Cause of bleeding gum
    • Bleeding gums are mainly due to inadequate plaque removal from the teeth at the gum-line. This will lead to a condition called gingivitises or inflammatory gums. If plaque is not through regular brushing and dental appointments it will harden into what is known in tartar. This will lead to increase in bleeding and a more advanced form known as gum and jawbone disease. Known as periodontics.
  • Other causes of bleeding gums include
    • Any bleeding disorder
    • Brushing too hard
    • Hormonal changes during pregnancy
    • Ill fitting denture
    • Improper Flossing
    • Infection which can be either tooth or gum related
    • Leukemia
    • Scurvy
    • Use of blood thinning medicines
    • Vitamin K deficiency

How to control bleeding gums

  1. Remember to brush your teeth twice a day and after every meal
  2. Use a tooth brush with gentle and soft bristles
  3. Floss twice a day to prevent plaque formation and protect from infection
  4. Avoid smoking and tobacco products.
  5. Minimize Snacking time to time.
  6. Get help from a dentist.

These tips are listed here with intention that it will help you. It is always recommended to get help from a Doctor.

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