Cost of dental implant in Delhi

Cost of dental implant in Delhi

Cost of dental implant at City dental clinic in dwarka is most affordable in Delhi NCR. We uses imported dental implant with several make/brand option.

Cost of single dental implant: Rs 16000

The above cost is inclusive of surgery and cap.

The price is valid for many brands. However some special brands may cost more. You can contact us to know the price of dental implant of your choice.

Some notes on cost of dental implant:


Can cost of dental implants will be lower if you get multiple implants?

This may be the case in some patients, however there is no much difference in per implant cost at our dental clinic for multiple implants. This is because our charges are already minimal.

Why our dental implant charges are so low?

City dental clinic buys dental implants in bulk, which lowers the cost to us and we are happy to pass on lower cost benefits to our patients.

Can I bring my own dental implant to lower the cost?

No, Dental implant are meant to be sold to doctors/hospitals only.

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