Dental Implant in Delhi

Dental implant in Delhi

Dental ImplantCharges: Rs 16000, Free Cap with Implant

Our Implantalogist has experience of more then 100 implants and implant supported dentures. We use imported and FDA approved implant with 10 year guarantee. Following treatments are available.

About Implant: A dental implant is a small screw like anchoring device, usually made of titanium and placed surgically within the bone. Dental Implants can be used to support crowns, implant-supported bridges or dentures.

Who Need Dental Implant: Implant is required by those who want to replace teeth without impacting surrounding teeth. It is also required when there is no adequate support for bridges or dentures. In general dental Implant is more reliable than any other alternative.

Procedure: It is advanced dental treatment. It requires a small surgery where the metal implant is placed in bone.

Side Effects: Implant requires more than 2 weeks healing time. Dental implants have 95% success rate. In successful cases there is no long term side effect. However for long term success implant must be cared like teeth and gum and regular dentist visit, at least once a year, is recommended.

Expense: At ‘City Dental Clinic in Delhi’ cost of single implant starts from Rs. 16000. This is Limited time discount. We also offer choices of Implant brands. Read more about cost of dental implant.

Location: This treatment is available in Dwarka, New Delhi

Before Dental Implant

Missing tooth

Dental Implant Placed

Dental Implant Placed

Cap Fixed

Cap On Dental Implant

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