dentist in dwarka city dental clinic

Dentist in dwarka city dental clinic

City Dental Clinic is run by Dr. Uman Rathi. She is skilled and hardworking professional. You will find our Doctor handle all patients with great degree of perfection. She will ensure that you get a long lasting and pain free smile.

Following treatments are perfected by Dr. Uman Rathi

Dental Implant, Braces, Extraction, Root Canal Treatment, Dentures, Crown and bridges, Smile correction and cosmetic dentistry.

Few Salient points about our clinic

  1. Most affordable and economical dentist in Dwarka.
  2. Only Dentist in Dwarka Providing Free email consultancy.
  3. Provide free follow up on phone.
  4. We recommend only the treatment which is actually required.
  5. Follow proper sterilization.
  6. Believe in Perfection.

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