implant supported denture in Delhi

Implant supported denture

Implant supported denture is an over-denture which is supported by a number of implants. Implant supported denture is required when there are no sufficient teeth left in jaw to support a denture. This procedure, in most cases, is required only in lower jaw, but some cases may require implants in upper jaw also.

Implant supported denture can be made fixed or removable. It depends on number of tooth left and other oral condition. It may also depend on budget of the patient. The cost of implant supported denture increases with number of implants required.

Cost of implant supported denture

It depends on number of implants required. We at city dental clinic in Delhi charges Rs 16000 x number of implants required (no additional cost for denture). This cost include cost of implants+surgery+denture and procedure of fixing denture.

Example of implant supported denture:- All on four implants.

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