Question Related to Dental Braces

Question Related to Dental Braces

Question: I have gaps on my upper teeth,as well as lower teeth. My front teeth have a cap between 0.3cm. I want to put braces to correct them within 2 years. What type of braces would you recommend. (Ms Jessica, 20 Yrs)

Dentist: All type of braces are almost equally effective in treatment. The only difference is cosmetic. 20 years is a good age to start treatment, later result become slightly poor.

  • Normal Braces: Braces are clearly Visible
  • Ceramic Braces: tooth Colored, but visible
  • Lingual Braces or Hidden Braces: Not visible as hidden braces are set inner side of tooth

To know the cost Check our Braces Cost in Delhi.
Question: I have irregular teeth, slightly coming outwards and one of my front teeth(molar tooth) in upper jaw was crowned 10 years back which may create trouble for wearing braces. Please tell me the safest way of my dental correction and associated cost for the complete treatment. (Ms Asrar, 26yrs)

Dentist: For braces your crown will be removed.
Then u have to wear braces.  Once your brace treatment is complete, your crown can be replaced.
Note: same crown may or may not be useful after completion of brace treatment. We may have to make new crown.

Cost: The cost may vary depending upon type of braces and crown. Check Cost of dental Braces at our clinic in Dwarka.
Question: price of clear aligners

Dentist: Check our fee page for price of aligners.
Question: I’m 29 y old and looking for ortho (lingual or invisible ) treatment. Please let me know how much time will it take & what is the cost of treatment in my case. Do you have any branch in east delhi. Please get back soon (Suman Khurana, Female, 29 Yrs)

Dentist: Hi I talk to you on phone. orthodontic treatment 1-1.5 yrs any type you can opt. Check our fee page for price of orthodontic treatments.

Question: My upper 4 and lower 4 teeth needs to get straighten, plz suggest me is it possible with invisible alligner. If yes, then what would be the estimated cost. (Vivek Soni, 24 Yrs, Male)

Question: This clear path aligner sounds ok to me. Can you tell me how many months or days I have to wear them to get the desired result. Is it one time Or i need regular visits to change my braces.  Is their any faster method to fix my teeth instead of braces. (shahnawaz Ghaus)

Dentist: It will take 12 to 14 months with clear aligners. You needs only a few visits. There is no faster way. Send your teeth picture, i will tell you time period. You can call 9990722422 to know more. Only 2-3 total visit required for whole treatment

Question, Continued: ok, but what will be the duration between each visit.

Dentist: Initially for one month you have to give 3 visits for measurement and fitting in gap of 10 to 15 days. Then no visit is required

Question, Continued: That’s good, does this 90k include gap filling also??. Initially u fill gap and then put braces??

Dentist: This is total. Gaps will be filled slowly during treatment.
Call at 9990722422 to know more

Question:  My upper front two teeths are outside….how can I back them in correct shape ?? plz suggest !! (Sneha Solanki, 15 Yrs, Female)

Question:  My teeth are irregularly aligned and i m looking to get it fixed through best available option. In addition to it 2 teeth are missing(which never sprouted). Out of cosmetic reason i m looking to get the presentable and healthy smile. Please advise and help me walk through the process to get desired result along with the possible cost to it. (Rahul Singh, 28 Yrs, Male)

Question: Hi doctor. I have problem in one of my center is about 6-7mm back side
from alignment of other teeth.i just want to get it rectified by braces, but my age is 22 so it is possible in my case to get its treatment.if it is possible then what would be charges of installing it. (Amit Kumar)

Dentist: Yes

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