Question related to Root Canal Treatment

Question related to Root Canal Treatment

Question: Does mmr has any effect on rct tooth. I had done rct of my tooth and recently mmr of my head was done after that some blister type developed on the gum of my rct done tooth, pls tell is there any relation? (Chaitayna, 36yrs, Female)

Dentist: There is no relation.

Question: I have problems in following teeth 11,12,21,22  and 31,32,33, 41,42,43 and 24 25 and 35  (RCT & Crown- suggested)- so please let me know price for RCT & crown and the time taken? (Sushma, 39yrs, Female)

Dentist: RCT is done in single sitting and cap require 2 days time. To know the price of RCT go to our Root Canal Treatment Page. You can find price of dental cap here.

Question: RCT of the teeth has been done around a year back with a ceramic cover on this. But, recently, cover came out along with teeth base. Now nothing is outside and only inside the teeth roots are available.Pl. provide me the direction for the right treatment ? (Rajesh Kumar, 48yrs, Male)

Dentist: There are two treatments possible. One is dental implant another is fixed teeth. Final decision can be made only clinically.

Question: I met with an accident and my front two teeth got broken one completely with root left and one partially. So need to go for RCT and capping so need guidance for this. (Akansha, 25yrs, Female)

Doctor: Yes RCT can be done.

Question: I have a old cavity in 1st molar. I can not eat from right side because of it. But tooth is solid from outside. It contains a hole inside. So, I want to know what type of treatment will be done? RCT or tooth extraction? How much time it takes to heal up? How many sittings are required for RCT and tooth extraction? (Rozil, 29yrs, Female)

Doctor: RCT or tooth extraction which is more suitable can be determined clinically. RCT require 3 sittings and extraction require one sitting. Healing time is around one week for both.

Question: I have been advised about the implantation & 3 RCT‘s. I Would like to know about the costs? (Midhun, 29yrs, Male)

Doctor: Check the cost of dental implant and cost of root canal treatment.

Question: I am facing puss in my tooth and tooth decay. Because of that I am facing sever pain in my tooth. Doctor advice me to do root canal treatment. I want to know what the cost of root canal treatment. (Nidhi, 28yrs, Female)

Doctor: Check the cost of root canal treatment.

Question: This is to you inform you that my son  yash vardhan awasthi who is 13 years old, last year two of his teeth were half broken. I had to visit Dr. Gupta dentist in targhar near mall road kanpur in his clinic. After visiting Dr. Gupta had advised me that RCT  (root canal treatment ). After finishing the treatment Dr. told capping will be done after 4 to 5 years. I m little bit confused just give me your valuable advice.

Doctor: Whether to delay capping or not can be determined clinically only. You should trust your dentist. Check out our dental charges page.

Question: My one right   lower tooth  second from inside,was treated  by root canal some 8 yr s ago, while eating food this broke off from middle  without causing any pain. Dentist in dwarka who examined the tooth found lower portion in good condition and is willing to start the procedure without extracting the lower  part  of tooth. After seeing on Internet I became interested to get the procedure  done by ur clinic. Kindly advise. (Balbir singh, 77yrs, Male)

Doctor: Please visit with your XRAY.

Question: My wisdom tooth has broken half and due to that I am feeling some kind of irritation in teeth and gum is also swelling what to do? is it painful taking out tooth? (Mr. Bhasin, 42yrs, Male)

Doctor: You need root canal treatment. Then a cap will be fixed. Your tooth will look normal.

Question: Is there any side effects of root canal treatment?

Dentist: Yes there may be some side effect or failure in root canal treatment. Have a look at after effects of root canal treatment.

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