Questions related to teeth whitening

Questions related to teeth whitening

Question: I want to get this teeth whitening treatment done on my teeth so I just want to know that how much degree of whiteness I will get(shades) after this treatment,total how much time it would take and finally that can’t cost of this treatment go down? (Krishan Bansal, 22yrs, Male)

Doctor: Teeth whitening takes 3 to 5 sittings. One sitting per week. Teeth whitening will show clear difference in whiteness. But some natural may not go. Our dentist can tell if u have any permanent staining. Find cost of teeth whitening here.

Question: I want to get my teeth cleaned and also whitened. Please let me know how much time it would take and also the cost details. (Nisha Joseph)

Doctor: The procedure of cleaning is called scaling. The process of teeth whitening takes 3 to 5 sittings and takes 2 to 4 week time. find cost of teeth whitening here.

Question:  I have yellow teeth. I want to whiten my teeth. Plz let me know the cost of the whole process. (Amit Kumar, 30yrs, Male)

Doctor: Cost and procedure of teeth whitening.

Question: I wish to clean my all tooth and there are 4 tooth to be filled which is getting cavities. Can you please advise the best time to consult. And is there any side effect in cleaning and whitening the tooth? Like enamel degradation?

Doctor: Teeth whitening can cause increased tooth sensitivity. The sensitivity will go in some time. the side effects are temporary.

Discoloured teethQuestion: My teeth are discoloured as I once fell in pit and broke my front milk teeth after that new teeth were discoloured. I need help as to what kind of treatment is required for my teeth whitening. I have attached pictures of my teeth. (Lucki Bawani)

Doctor: To decide treatment I need to have an X-ray of your tooth. If tooth is fractured you need root canal treatment. If fracture is superficial then you need veneering on this tooth.

Question: How teeth whitening works.

Answer: Teeth whitening is a bleaching procedure. You can read more about how teeth whitening works.

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