Surgical Extraction of Tooth

Surgical Extraction of Tooth

Surgical extraction is generally required when to extract third molar. It also may be required in some other cases as well.

Surgical extraction is a minor tooth surgery. It is used in the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed, either because they have broken under the gum line or because they have not erupted fully. Surgical extractions almost always require an incision. In a surgical extraction the doctor may elevate the soft tissues covering the tooth and bone may also remove some of the overlying and/or surrounding jawbone tissue with a drill or osteotome. Surgical extraction should be performed by a specialist in the area.

When surgical Extraction is required

  • Impacted wisdom tooth, the tooth growth is blocked by molar and it is not coming out of gum.
  • The tooth is broken and the remaining part is under the gum.
  • Tooth is fused with Jaw bone. Such tooth cannot be extracted by general extraction.

Cost of surgical Extraction

At our clinic Surgical Extraction cost starts from Rs. 1500.
In Delhi average cost of surgical Extraction is between Rs. 2000 to Rs 4000.

Precautions after Surgical Extraction

  • Patients should have liquid diet or soft food. It will prevent damage to wound caused by surgery.
  • Patient should use other side of jaw for eating.
  • Diet taken should be high in protein. Protein will help in faster healing.
  • Patients should not smoke for at least 3 days. Smoking will stop process of healing.

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