Teeth Whitening

theeth whiteningTeeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic procedure done by qualified dental surgeon. Teeth whitening is a time consuming procedure consisting of multiple steps. It requires multiple sittings and one to two week time varying case by case.

At our clinic the following steps are followed for teeth whitening.

  1. Scaling
  2. Polishing
  3. Bleaching

Scaling is a cleaning procedure. Scaling removes toughest plaque, calculus and other deposition from teeth. The procedure can be skipped in some patients where deposition on teeth is minimal or otherwise teeth whitening is to be done in short period. Scaling is not only a cosmetic procedure, it also improves oral health. If scaling is not required tooth whitening cost will come down to Rs 2000 only.

Polishing is done to remove small uneven surfaces on the tooth. Polishing is done only for front teeth. It makes teeth shiny but it cannot change color of tooth. Apart from cosmetic effect polishing, it is also considered good for dental health as it resists deposition of plaque on tooth surface.

Bleaching is last step in teeth whitening. The process of bleaching changes color of teeth to white. Bleaching has no other advantage apart from cosmetic.

Teeth whitening cost

At our clinic cost of teeth whitening starts with Rs 5000 and in case tough stains go up to 10000. As tobacco stains, GUTKA stain require more sitting to remove. This cost is inclusive of all sitting teeth whitening require 4 to 8 sittings. Teeth whitening cost is kept affordable at our clinic in Dwarka New Delhi.

For more details and charges email us at contact@citydental.co.in

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