Tooth bone grafting in Delhi

tooth bone grafting explainedTooth bone grafting in Delhi

Tooth bone grafting is a minor surgical procedure required in patients who need a dental implant but don’t have sufficient jaw bone to support it. Dental implant require support from jaw bone, but some patients have very thin jaw bone or jaw bone shape is such that implant is not possible. In such cases tooth bone grafting is used to provide extra support for implants.

Weather an bone graft is required by a patient or not is determined by 3D OPG of dental patients. The images obtained by OPG gives our dentist to view the jaw bone structure and plan bone grafting surgery.

Cost of tooth bone grafting

At our clinic cost of tooth bone grafting is Rs. 5000.

Who need tooth bone grafting?

As explained above tooth bone grafting is required by patient with insufficient jaw bone. This is the case when either jaw bone is not wide enough or it is too soft to support dental implant. There is actually only a small number of patients who need bone grafting.

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